Message from the Director

April 2024

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Baby NEPS (BN) & NEPS Preparatory (Prep); which collectively make up our kindergarten division. We are committed to providing a comfortable, caring and nurturing learning environment for young children, and we take our jobs seriously!

Your child will surly grow to love their teacher, classmates and the school as a whole, often coming home talking about all the wonder full things they did and learned at school. Our program offers a wide variety of learning experiences and a safe place for your child to explore, play, dream and have fun. Our aim is to foster their creativity, critical thinking skills, collaboration skills and communication skills in an age appropriate fashion.
Our teaching staffs are encouraged to extend and supplement topics and lessons so that all our children are learning at high levels. Our curriculum helps to develop students’ learning and understanding while providing a culture of critical thinking. We are always focused on developing the whole child and tomorrow’s future. I assure you that Baby NEPS & NEPS Prep is a school worthy of your consideration, and I welcome your interest in our exciting school!
Warm Regards,
Head Director of Baby NEPS & NEPS Prep (Kindergarten Division)