Message from the Director

November 2019

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Baby NEPS (BN) & NEPS Prep (NP); our Kindergarten Division. I would like to share a little information about our special school. We are excited that you are considering us for your child’s early childhood education. We are committed to providing a comfortable, caring and nurturing learning environment for young children, and we take our jobs seriously!

By making NEPS your school home, your child will grow to love their teacher, classmates and our school, and will come home talking about all the wonderful things they did and learned throughout their day. Our program offers BN & NP offer a wide variety of learning experiences and a safe place for your child to explore, play, dream and have fun. You will recognize positive growth in their social skills, behaviour, vocabulary, language usage and comprehension, and desire an eagerness to read, or be read to, try new things, think creatively and ultimately learn.

Here at BN & NP, our mission is to provide outstanding education and inspire our students to engage in both academic and enriching extra-curricular activities. We encourage our students to set high expectations for themselves, to be responsible, to enjoy school; we like to acknowledge and reward them by their achievements. As our motto says, “We Make Learning a Happy Experience!!”, at BN & NP, collectively we strive to generate innovative and creative events, programs and fun ideas to really enforce that “happy experience” all young children need in order to learn effectively.

Our teaching staff are encouraged to extend and supplement topics and lessons so that all our children are learning at high levels; remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating and creating. We are proud that our Kindergarten Division (BN & NP) over the years, has earned its outstanding reputation through its students’ successes, its rigorous educational programmes, its excellent and dedicated teaching staff, its caring community and its engagement with our devoted parents. Our NEPS kindergarten curriculum helps to develop student’s learning and understanding, a culture of thinking as well as applied leaning, inquiry and reflection, resilience and independence, always focused on developing the whole child and tomorrow’s future. I assure you that Baby NEPS & NEPS Prep is a school worthy of your serious consideration, and I welcome your interest in our exciting school!

Enjoy the gallery!

Warm Regards,
Mrs Ebony Dalley
Head Director of Baby NEPS & NEPS Prep (Kindergarten Division)