Message from the Director

April 2024

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family to NEPS Junior!

Our goal at NEPS Junior is to foster the growth of young minds into intelligent, capable, self-assured, and involved individuals. We work hard to create young people who are prepared for the world around them by fostering teamwork and problem-solving abilities and giving our pupils lots of chances to reflect and hone their life skills. We heavily invest in our students' development so that they leave our program with the life skills necessary to advance in a prosperous and fulfilling manner.

We also offer many opportunities for community and parental involvement as we believe that student learning is best served by a closer relationship between the home and the school.

One of the exciting things about NEPS Junior is the wonderful work that we do to explore the different talents that our students possess. Music, sports, art and drama are among the many activities provided by us that help make learning a happy and memorable experience.

Best Regrads,
NEPS Junior Director