News Story: Bicycle Week at NEPS Junior
March 2020

Here at NEPS Junior, we have had “Bicycle Week” from February 24th through to February 28th. All our grade 1 to 4 took part in this project. We believe that having this has helped our students:
- improve their fitness
- boost their positive mental attitude, and has helped them to relieve their stress,
- improve their interaction with their classmates,
- learn that it’s another healthy activity to do at the young age,
- do something together in the fresh air as NEPS Family, that's free and fun

We would like to thank those parents who supported this activity & encourage all to do the same in the future.

NEPS Junior 

News Story: Empowering Teachers Through Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
January 2020

We always strive to give the best world-class education designed to make NEPS students happy, healthy adults that are well-equipped to take on the challenges of the 21st century. Since students are reflections of their teachers, NEPS believes that investing in our teachers in investing in our students. This is why NEPS has embarked on a journey of rigorous Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for its teachers.

For the past two years, NEPS has been training its teachers by external consultants. The trainings mainly focused on giving a refresher of the courses that the teachers took during their university education. Topics included are: class room management, interactive teaching (student-centered approach), project base teaching, action research, creative teaching, critical thinking, and others.

As a result of NEPS’ close working relationship and collaboration with International Community School (ICS), NEPS is able to benefit from the state-of-the-art CPD courses offered by ICS. Among other courses, the “Love and Logic Training” which the teachers have been taking starting from last year has made a significant and observable impact on classroom management. We are delighted to see NEPS students reaping the benefits of the partnership and ongoing CPD.

News Story: Colours Event Day, Baby NEPS
December 2019

The children at Baby NEPS 2 had a wonderful time. They came to school in red, green, blue yellow or blue. They selected the colours randomly from a bag of colour paper hearts and the parents were asked to send their children to school dressed accordingly. Each teacher became a ‘Miss Red’ or ‘Miss Blue’ and so on, for that day. The children formed teams according to the colours they wore, headed by the corresponding teacher.

In the morning the children made beautiful paper artwork designed to develop their dexterity, creativity and scissor skills. In the afternoon the children sung songs about colours and then played team games in their respective colours. In the afternoon, the children made beautiful paper artwork designed to develop their dexerity, creativity and scissor skills. In the afternoon the children sung songs about colours and then played team games in their respective colours.

The games taught balance, patience, teamwork, cooperation and coordination. Great fun was had by all. Thanks to all the staff for their efforts and parents for their support.

News Story: Sporty Learning Experience 
December 2019

As we aim to strengthen our sports activities at NEPS Junior, Ms. Azeb, a Sports teacher at The International Community School (ICS) came to our campus to work with our Sports teachers and students on Friday 27th December, 2019.

Ms. Azeb explained the health benefits of some of the games which she had planned as part of the exercise sessions saying, “Playing Dodgeball will help students increase their agility and balance, while improving their strength, hand-eye coordination and flexibility while simultaneously relieving stress and teaching teamwork.” Ms. Azeb continued, “Parachute games help develop perceptual, cognitive, motor, social, and academic skills. Young children enjoy rhythmical and musical activities so they reap all these mental and physical health benefits all while having fun.”

Ms. Azeb added, “I’m extremely pleased with my time at NEPS Junior. I have really enjoyed the stimulating school environment. The Sports teachers and students at NEPS Junior are very active and can easily take instructions, which made our activities fun and fruitful. I’m sure that I’ll come back again and learn and share my experiences very soon.”  

News Story: Seble Genet of ICS meets with NEPS to discuss 2019/20 training calendar
October 2019

Seble Genet, Professional Learning Coordinator at ICS Addis meets with Dereje Mulat, Director of the NEPS Jr. Campus and with the Program Coordinator, Yesukal Haileyessus.

"ICS has been supportive of it's neighbor and community partner, NEPS. The overall objective is to learn and share various techniques that teachers and support staff can use regarding topics such as child safeguarding, team awareness, music sharing, and fitness." remarks Founder of NEPS, Mr. Kelemu Sinke.

By the end of the school year, the two schools have agreed to invest into student, teacher, and staff learning workshops to see a community of educators more prepared and mindful.

To learn more about the ICS- NEPS Partnership, visit;

News Story: Partnership with International Community School - Addis Ababa
June 2019

As of June 18th 2019, the New English Private School (NEPS) and the International Community School - Addis Ababa (ICS Addis) have entered into a partnership.

Seble Genet, Professional Learning Coordinator at ICS Addis explains, "Our partnership with NEPS started around mid-2018 and has so far been tremendously successful for NEPS and ICS."

Ebony, Director of the Early Childhood Program at NEPS shares, "Teachers now, more than before, work together, plan together, solve problems together, and share ideas together, build together and share strategies together. They have established a strong work bond."

To learn more about the ICS- NEPS Partnership, visit;