Our Management Team

Zewdu Abayneh

Zewdu has been an integral part of the NEPS Management Team for the past 3 years. His dedication to the success of NEPS is seen through his student intervention skills, overall good discipline of his campus, and high university acceptance rate. You can reach him at zewdu.abayneh@nepschools.com

Ebony Dalley

Ebony has been a dynamic force as the head of the KG division for the past 13 years. She contibutes to the campus by adding elements of performing arts and music throughout the school. She also leads the choir program and develops training materials as well as edits/ designs the school yearbook.

Dereje Mulat

For more than 11 years, Dereje has been an important member of the NEPS community. As Director for the NEPS Jr. Campus, his leadership has crafted a clean and beautiful campus with dedicated learning professionals and remarkable students full of creativity and wonder.

Sian Jackson

Sian is the newest member of the management team. She specialises in designing educational tools for early learners and English language development. She brings additional creativity and a stong 'learning through play' element to our new Baby NEPS compound.

Kedir Abda

Kedir has been the glue of the NEPS Management Team. For 13 years, his ability to work with our educators and communicate with parents has allowed for the growth and positive impact of the school. You can reach him at kedir.abda@nepschools.com

Julie Wilcock

Fun, bubbly, creative, and contributes to the kindergarden art projects and programs, Julie is in her 3rd year at NEPS. Her work in the Management Team and overall positive nature brings great joy to our community.

Mulu Bitew

As a recent returnee to the NEPS campus, we welcome Mulu into the Management Team where he will utilize his 3 years of experience on this campus to curate an orderly and disciplined community.

Kelemu Sinke

Our founder's vision has inspired the NEPS community for more than 15 years. Mr. Kelemu has extensive experience in education and his passion for learning and continuing personal development is infectious. You can reach him at kelemu.sinke@nepschools.com

Our staff

Before joining NEPS, all staff go through mandatory screening and exams that include language skills, written exams, as well as a collection of recommendations and references from throughout their teaching history. Themes and modules include;

1. Child protection and safety training
2. Love and logics training
3. and Continued professional development training

Learn more about our recent staff developments and trainings organized under our ICS partnership on our New Stories page.